Grown in Totnes Expanding the range of local food and filling the gap with grains & pulses

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Grown in Totnes Expanding the range of local food and filling the gap with grains & pulses






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Grown in Totnes Events


Grown in Totnes – Come Celebrate with us and Plan the Next Phase

You, our community, have helped Grown in Totnes literally to grow and now we are looking at our next phase and want you to help shape our future.  


16th July 2018, 12pm – 4pm, Totnes (venue TBC). 

What will we cover?

During this workshop we will celebrate the projects achievements, illustrate the challenges that we have faced and explore different scenarios for taking Grown in Totnes into the next phase of its evolution – including potential business opportunities for attendees.

We will be putting on a spread of delicious local food with an emphasis on Grown in Totnes produce.  

Over the past few years our ground breaking project has succeeded in establishing a modern mill in Totnes, creating a market for locally produced grains and pulses by building close partnerships with local producers and retailers. 

We now have 12 products available to purchase, including in Totnes area, Exeter & Plymouth; our market is growing and we are receiving national enquires from around the UK on an almost weekly basis, from people wishing to learn from our initiative. 

As well as our growing list of successes, the project has faced a number of challenges that has meant our sales have been slower than we would have liked. We have been reliant on funding from Esmee Fairburn, to cover our core costs, which comes to an end this October and now we need to generate innovative ideas to enable this enterprise to evolve.

Booking details

If you wish to attend please pay a fully refundable deposit of £5.00 (including the Eventbrite fee). Eventbrite will reimburse this to you after the event. This will enable us to plan for the correct numbers and ensure that there is enough food and drink, and a large enough venue to accommodate you all. 

To book go to: or you can email me (email below) and drop a cheque into the TTT office on the top floor of The Mansion.

Final details of the event, including location will be sent closer to the time, however it will be in Totnes.


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Grown in Totnes is increasing the range of local food available around Totnes. We offer peas, beans and grains for a healthy, balanced and climate sensitive diet. 

Our grains and pulses come to you from organic farms located within 30 miles of Totnes. They are processed and packed by us, in the heart of Totnes, and sold to you through local independent shops.

Click to read more about the benefits of doing this: What We’re About

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