Introducing our sieve & mill!


Look what’s in our unit: our new sieve on the left, with a line up of grain samples, and our mill on the right.

We are delighted to announce that the first of our milling equipment has been delivered. On the left is our sieve and on the right is the mill. A massive thank you once again to all our supporters who through our crowdfunding campaign donated the funds to buy the equipment.

We hope to take delivery of the polisher and flaker later this week! We’ll keep you posted. (News hot of the press – This morning the polisher and flaker arrived on a huge lorry, they tried to deliver it to TTT headquarters in the Mansion on Fore Street!! Now we have to get our nose to the grindstone (sorry!) and get the equipment up and running.

The First of the Grain Has Been Delivered to the Unit

The two Emily’s and Holly checking on the moisture level of the Einkorn which is spread out to get the moisture level down further.

Two days before Christmas we took delivery of three tonnes of local organic grain into the unit, including Spelt, Einkorn and Maslin. The grain needs to be drier than it is and so the Einkorn is currently spread out on the ground and this has been reducing the moisture content of the grain.

Whilst there is still a huge amount of work to do in order to get bags of flour to the high street it feels like we are edging closer now that we are in the unit with the equipment and grain.






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