1/6/15 Crowdfunding

We made it! Thank you to everyone who contributed to our crowdfunding campaign, in which we raised over £26000 in May. www.buzzbnk.org/grownintotnes 

Here are some photos from the fabulous oaty events we ran during May 2015…

These are the people that made all of this possible:


Adam Sayner Frances Northrop Laura Maxwell-Stuart Rachel Watts
Andrew Gilhespy Francis Deutsch Liz Turner Ralph Habens
Angela Tiffen Gill Coombs Lyn Brown Richard Graham
B Freund Hal Gilmore Lynsey Tiplady Rob Hopkins
Barry Tiffen Harry Nesbitt MA Baumgartner Rory Valentine
Belle Benfield Hele Oakley Maggie Bowden Rosemary Kirby
Bob Wilkes I M Barnden Marcea Colley Ruth Ben-Tovim
Carole Whitty Isabel Carlisle Marie-Claire Skrutkowska Sally Croft
Caroline Harlow Isabella Lazlo Martin Haddrill Sally Giles
Cathy McGavin Jay Tompt Mary Popham Sean Ferris
Chantelle Norton Jen Howard Mary Popham Sima Cutting
Chris Bird John Elford Michael Calder Sky Chapman
Chris Holmes Jon Stein Michael Jeffries Sophie Galleymore Bird
Chris Timpson Jonathan Rae Michelle Clarke Sue Hughes
Claire Ryan Jules Levy Minni Jain Sue Joel
Clare Bishop-Sambrook Julia Leifeld Mirella Ferraz Susan Hannis
Clare Boyne Julian Burn Myriam Skrutkowski Susie & Jules
Daniel Demmel Julian Harrison Narishta Rajaratnam Teresa Anderson
Daphne Kourkounaki Jutta Müller Nathaniel Holmes Terry Platt
David Lacey Karen Butterworth Nick Goff Thea Platt
Dee Cunnison Karen Hunt Nicki Glassbrook Thomas Butt
Doug King-Smith Karen Townsend Nicola Lang Tim Crabtree
Emilio Mula Kate Carfrae Nicola Spurr Tim Melia
Emma Croft Katherine Hallewell Nigel Lowson Tony Homfray
Erica Cleverly Katherine Oliver Paul Mehew Wendy Douglas
Erica Lewis Kathy Killinger Peter Tiffen Wendy Stayte
Faisal Al-Jawad Katie Tokus Peter Yeo Yuli Somme
Fiona Ward Kirsty Maxwell Stuart Rachel Summerscales Zav Bowden


What is Grown in Totnes?

Grown in Totnes is all about increasing the range of local food available to the Totnes area. Our local farmers mainly produce meat and dairy. We need more variety for a healthy, balanced and climate sensitive diet.

Several grains and pulses are suited to the conditions of the South West but at the moment those grown here are only destined for animal feed.



What are we doing about it?

Grown in Totnes is filling this gap in local food by keeping the growing, processing, packaging and selling of these staples all within 30 miles of Totnes.


  • reduce food miles
  • pay a fair price to local farmers
  • ensure you know exactly what has happened to your food on its way to you
  • let you know who has grown it.

We are starting out by growing oats in partnership with a local farmer, oats grow well in the damp South West. Currently all oats for human consumption are processed in vast centralised plants hundreds of miles away. We’ll be processing them locally. Grown in Totnes oats will be available to buy from this Winter.


Here’s where you come in … please support our crowdfunding campaign!


Holly Oats 5 RGB-01


We are fundraising for small-scale processing equipment to prepare and package our oats for sale in local shops. We already have £6,000, provided we match it through a crowdfunding campaign.

Please support our project with as much or as little as you are able. Our crowdfunding campaign on Buzzbnk is live throughout May. Thank you!

To turn raw oats into edible grain we need £25,000!

  • a dehuller (£7,000) and polisher (£5,000) – to remove the inedible outer husk
  • a roller (£5,000) – to flake the grains
  • a grain store (£3,000) – to keep the oats fresh
  • a sieve (£5,000) – to use at the local mill to grade oatmeal and oat flour.

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