24/1/17 Einkorn Gruit: From Farm to Brewery


As part of their White Label Series, the New Lion Brewery have used some of our Einkorn grain to produce an Einkorn Gruit. In case you were unsure ‘Gruit’ is the mix of herbs that were used traditionally to flavour beer. But what is Einkorn?  In the brewery’s podcast below (click on the photo) the New Lion’s Head Brewer Mat Henney and Grown in Totnes’ Holly Tiffen tell the story, and reflect on what such a collaboration could mean for the future of brewing.

New Lion Brewery’s Head Brewer Mat Henney with Grown in Totnes’ Holly Tiffen

Many of you attended our Split Pea Party where we separated the peas and grain which were grown together and crushed the Einkorn ready for the brewery to use. The students from Schumacher College who helped to process the Einkorn have made a short film about how this locally grown beer came about.

At the beginning of January some of the Grown in Totnes team took the Einkorn Gruit to the Oxford Real Farming Conference to give attendees a taste of our locally grown brew. We toasted our progress so far with our good friend, the archaeobotanist (someone who studies ancient grains) John Letts, whose ongoing advice to the project has been invaluable.

Holly, John, Matthew, Charlotte and Emily sharing some of the New Lion Brewery’s Einkorn Gruit at the Oxford Real Farming Conference.

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