5/2/16 We’re looking for headquarters



In my last update to you, I told you about our adventures trialling some small-scale processing equipment.   We brought back a lot of unprocessed oats, it turned out that the dehuller we were using was not suitable for dehulling oats, it was designed for dehulling spelt! We also brought back a relatively small amount of Maris Widgen wheat that we had polished and milled and an even smaller amount of barley flour.

We stored the flours in what we had hoped would be our future premises, where we would process the crops and store the bags of flour, flaked grains and pulses.  We were very excited about the new premises; it was right in the heart of Totnes.  This felt to be important as we want people to come and see us, to see the milling and other processing in action and to get involved.  At the beginning of last week we had a setback; all of the rain we have been having has caused the building to become damp and our grain and flour smelt of mould.  Although it is heart wrenching to have lost the results of our first milling trial, it is a blessing to have found it out at this stage when the losses are relatively minor, rather than after we had installed the equipment and potentially could loose far larger quantities of grain.

Can you help?

We are on the lookout for new premises.  Do you know of anywhere close to Totnes, ideally central, where we could house our processing operations?  We are looking for somewhere approximately 100 square meters; it needs to be dry, ideally on the flat and with vehicular access. If so please get in touch:holly(at)transitiontown.org .



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