10/2/16 Schumacher College Farm Hack


hackathonLast years harvest illustrated the need for us to have facilities to dry grains. The very wet summer meant there were relatively small windows of dry weather to carry out the harvest, this resulted in damp grain. It is imperative that the grain is dry otherwise it starts to spoil within a few days.  We teamed up with students at Schumacher College and they organised a farm hack event.  Farm Hack is an online resource where people who have designed useful bits of agricultural machinery make the design available open source and people are encouraged to post any improvements to the design that they have subsequently discovered.  The students promoted the event to designers , farmers and other potentially interested parties and held a design day and then a build day.  The design that they came up with was for a portable drier and consists of drain pipes with holes drilled into them inserted in to a sack of grain and a bathroom fan inserted on the top to blow air in to the grain.  We are waiting to hear details of the results but early indications are that the moisture content of the grain reduced by 4% after 12 hours.


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